Inner Core Energetics

Ron Bell – Inner Core Energetics Teacher

Inner Core Energetics is a new modality using multiple techniques that promote healing in mind, body, and spirit.

Inner Core Energetics (ICE) is energy work – “energetic therapy from the inside out” for personal use and deeper, faster results when working with others.

Significantly reduce perceived issues (physical, mental and emotional); Change limiting beliefs, memories, programs – at the root core level; Receive the underlying learnings and teachings from Source; Dissolve what has been bringing perceived pain to you or your client; remove Self-Sabotage Programs and Install new behaviors and ways of Being.

There are nine specialized techniques embedded within the Inner Core Energetics Process:

  1. Inner Core (IC) – awareness, strengthening, controlling;
  2. Heart Path – building deep rapport;
  3. Dissolving Emotional Glue – using your own IC and the Heart Path;
  4. Before and Above – using TimeLine Therapy;
  5. Is This Your Energy – or Energy that comes from another (or group)?
  6. Secondary Gain – the unknown reason(s) for not letting go of pain;
  7. Teachings and Learnings from Source (Heart, Brain, Gut, Pain Area)
  8. Self-Sabotage Zone – dissolving of what has been attracting pain on all levels;
  9. Source – energy/light from Source to fill all the openings and voids.

Close and fill voids with pure, white, Christed light.

Inner Core Energetics Counseling

– $50 – 15 minute demonstration

– $200 – one hour demonstration and teaching